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Kona Coffee Facts

Coffee CherryWhat is Kona snow? Kona snow is the name given to the small white, sweet-smelling flowers that cover the coffee trees. For about 48 hours, you can hear the buzzing of the busy bees pollinating.

What is cherry? The cherry is the sweet and pulpy fruit of the coffee tree. This fruit begins as a green berry, becomes yellow, crimson, orange and then finally deep red when it is known as a cherry and is ready to be picked. Each cherry contains two seeds, which are the gourmet Hawai'i coffee beans.

How is the cherry harvested? The long harvest season and the necessity of meticulously hand-picking only the ripe, red coffee cherries at peak maturity - and not before they ripen or when they are overripe - makes Hawaiian Kona coffee the worlds most labor intensive agricultural commodity. The remaining green berry, must remain on the tree for ripening and then continued harvesting. Each tree produces about 25 lbs. of cherry annually.

How much coffee will each 100 lb. bag of coffee cherry produce? Once processed, dried and roasted, the yield will be about 10-15% of roasted coffee!

Coffee TreesKona coffee is a rich and uniquely flavored coffee that is considered by many people to be the best coffee in the world. Hawaiian Kona coffee is often described as smooth, delicate, full-bodied,  with a bright, clear flavor and rich caramelly aroma. Why not grow the worlds best coffee when you live in paradise?



Coffee TreesCoffee Trees Coffee Trees


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